TEA School Report Cards

School Report Cards

The 2016-2017 TEA School Report Card (SRC) for all schools in the state is available on the Texas Education Agency website. The purpose of the SRC is to inform parents and guardians about school performance and characteristics.

To access the SRC for a particular school, click on the following link, and enter the school name:

If you are unable to access the report electronically and would like a paper copy of the report, please contact the school and ask for a paper copy of the 2016-2017 School Report Card.

School Report Card Definitions

For people who would like greater detail about the information in the SRC, the glossary that accompanies the 2016–17 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) is a useful resource. It contains definitions and methodologies for all the information included in the SRC. The data in the SRC is a subset of that published in the TAPR. The TAPR Glossary is available on the TEA website at