Each year approximately 15,000 students visit Mesquite ISD's Richard R. Russell Planetarium to enrich their understanding of the Earth and the universe. Serving Mesquite ISD students and teachers since 1977, the planetarium is located next to Memorial Stadium at the foot of the Communications Tower. The facility was named for the late school board president and physician Dr. Richard Russell.


In 2008, the planetarium undertook an extensive renovation by installing SciDome, a state-of-the-art, full-dome digital projection system. With the SciDome system it is possible to simulate flying through space, view objects from Earth in stunning detail, and simulate the view from any location in the solar system at just about anytime in the past or future. SciDome can also present the latest in full-dome digital productions being produced by museums and other scientific institutions. After visiting the planetarium, many students say they are inspired to learn more about the Earth and its place in space.

Last year, the planetarium received an upgrade to the production system. This included the addition of The Layered Earth software which will allow students to experience Earth Science in the three dimensional dome setting. We are very excited to give students the opportunity to visualize not just the universe, but our planet as well.

Check out the YouTube on our Solar Eclipse Party: 


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