Scheduling Information

For Mesquite ISD classes, transportation is provided for you by the Planetarium. Ms. Rico, our Planetarium Secretary will schedule the transportation/buses for you after you have provided her with the pertinent information. 

We are changing the way we schedule to a first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to 5th and 8th grades.  We hope that this will give teachers more flexibility with the dates and times of their visits to the Planetarium.  When your grade level time-slot is open, please contact Ms. Rico with the following information: 

  • Date(s) of show
  • How many students (for best viewing 60 per show, but the dome seats 72 (rule of thumb: 2 classes per show)
  • Any students with special needs (for transportation)
  • Show start times
  • Length of show (include drive time)
  • Concepts to be covered (can be given to Leslie Barnhill up to one week prior to visit)

Please follow these additional directions for a smoothly scheduled trip:

  • Scheduling prior to your visit:
    • Buses cannot pick up students before 9:15am and they have to be back to the Transportation building by 2:30pm (2:15pm if it is a lift bus) which means they will need to be back to your school around 2:10pm (1:55pm if it is a lift bus).
    • The Transportation Department will determine how many students per bus and how many buses per Planetarium visit
    • Each bus must have at least one teacher on it
    • If two shows are scheduled in one day, there will be two DIFFERENT buses
    • The Planetarium Holds about 70 students
      • Please have the students sit closer to center and have the teachers sit closer to the sides (better viewing for the students)
    • The general length of the show is 70 minutes for Middle School students, 90 minutes for Elementary School students; INCLUDING DRIVE TIME, however, when scheduling, you may choose how long you wish your show to be
    • Please set up your own class coverage
    • Please help out your fellow long-term substitute teachers. They may have not visited the Planetarium before and may need assistance
    • Once scheduled, if you change ANYTHING (classes, class counts, etc.), please notify us immediately so we can update transportation
  • While at the Planetarium
    • Teachers, please manage your classes behavior
      • Ooh/ahs and excitement is welcomed by all! However, if a class cannot calm down at appropriate the time, please assist with classroom management
    • Please discuss with students proper behavior in dome and restrooms
      • No gum, food, candy, drinks or slime
      • No sharp objects (had to redo many ‘stabs’ in seats)
      • If a student needs to use the restroom, please accompany that student

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately at 972-882-7750. We want to make sure that your visit to the Planetarium is engaging and exciting.

For groups outside of the Mesquite school district, please call Ms. Rico (972-882-7750) for prices and dates available.