Intra-District Transfers

Para- and Professional Intra-District Transfers 


Procedures for Professional intra-district transfers:

Teachers and other eligible employees may request a transfer to another campus/department within the District provided the employee meets the following criteria:

  • Must have two years’ experience on a campus or in a department.
  • Completion of the Transfer Request Form.
  • Approval from the current principal or immediate supervisor INDICATED BY THIER SIGNATURE.

The completed Transfer Request Form must be submitted to Personnel Services on, or before, of the year in which the transfer is requested. Requesting a transfer does not ensure the request will be approved. Transfer approval is based on campus need, principal recommendation, and authorization by the Director-Personnel Services.

Should any employee transfer to another campus at their own request, the district seniority would be forfeited and the building/campus seniority would take precedent when reassignments are necessitated by adjustments in enrollment. In order to fill vacancies, principals/supervisors are encouraged to interview employees from the official request list. The administration reserves the right to reassign any teacher or employee.

*Any teacher or paraprofessional who was involuntarily moved at the beginning or during the year due to enrollment, etc., will be allowed to request a transfer after one year – two-year requirement on a campus or department will be waived.



Procedures for Para-Professional intra-district transfers:

  • Print and complete the appropriate Request for Transfer form below.
  • The request for transfer form MUST BE SIGNED by the building principal or immediate supervisor.
  • Upon receipt of the completed intra-district transfer request form, Personnel Services will send an acknowledgement letter to the requestor.
  • A database of transfer requests will be available to principals through Personnel Services.
  • When a vacancy occurs for which an employee on the transfer list is appropriately credentialed, the staff member may be contacted by the Principal or the Director where the vacancy exists to schedule an interview.