Why Do You Choose Mesquite?

"Why Do You Choose Mesquite?"
Posted on 02/05/2018
#ichoosemesquiteSchool Choice awareness helps bring visibility to the many options available to parents in educating their children. Only you know what is best for your children. 
At MISD, we celebrate School Choice by affirming that you have made the best choice in choosing Mesquite ISD for your children. You do have a choice, and we are honored that you choose Mesquite ISD to care for and educate your child every school day. We offer more CTE programs, accreditations and opportunity than ever before. We raise the bar every year and we're never going to stop advocating for your children. Your children deserve the best in education, we're there to make sure their hopes—and yours—are realized.

See why fellow MISD parent, Ron Massey, chooses MISD too.