School Board

Role of the Board

With students of Mesquite ISD foremost in their minds, Board members set the direction for the school district. The Board acts as a whole, not as indidivuals. Board members are elected at large for three-year tearms. Elections take place in May, and terms are staggered to ensure there are always experienced members on the Board. Members serve without pay.

To maintain their ongoing education requirement, Board members must participate in local and state orientation sessions annually.  They must complete at least 16 hours during their first year on the Board and eight hours of continuing education during each subsequent year of service. In addition, members study volumes of background material on school finance, curriculum and state law.

Board Member Responsibilities include the following:

  • Setting the policies for the district

  • Establishing collaboratively developed goals

  • Employing and evaluating the superintendent

  • Adopting the annual budget

  • Communicating the progress and needs of the district

  • Hearing complaints not otherwise resolved through the grievance procedures

  • Planning and setting priorities

  • Supporting the administrators and teachers in executing Board policies

  • Performing specific duties imposed by state law