Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety

"All accidents are caused either by specific unsafe conditions or specific unsafe actions and accidents can be prevented by learning what these specific conditions and actions are, then taking steps to rectify any unsafe conditions or actions."


Provide for the protection and safety of students, employees and citizens of Mesquite. Protect the School District's assets, which are exposed daily to accidental loss.

Safety Awareness

It is important that each employee, while using a district vehicle:

  • Keep safety above expediency.

  • Comply with all traffic laws and safe driving practices.

  • Ensure that the safety of the students, district employees and citizens of Mesquite are paramount.

  • Drive to prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others and adverse conditions.


1. Facilities Management and Transportation Shops

  • Provide periodic maintenance for all vehicles.

2. Risk Management

  •     Conduct motor vehicle reports for all persons being considered for a driving position with Mesquite ISD.
  •     Do annual motor vehicle reports on all current employees who drive District or personal vehicles in the course and scope of their employment.
  •     Administer the defensive driving program.

3. Employee Safety

It is important that all drivers have a knowledge of safe practices, be alert at all times behind the wheel, use foresight and judgment to prevent accidents, and have the skills to react in emergency situations. These are the elements that contribute to the defensive driver. If all are used together at all times behind the wheel, the objective for this program, the protection of human life will be fulfilled.

Defensive Driving

There are three basic techniques that form the basis of the defensive driver. These are:

  • Recognition of the Hazard. A hazard may be caused by another vehicle, may be mechanical in nature, or caused by existing road conditions.

  • Understanding the Defense. The most basic driving defenses are proper speed, following distance and driver alertness.

  • Acting in Time. If the hazard is recognized and the proper defensive course of action is known, then steps can be taken to prevent emergency situations from arising.

The driver is the first line of defense against vehicular accidents due to his or her daily activities. Therefore, all drivers should:

  • Obey all ordinances and safety rules.

  • Report any mechanical difficulty encountered in their daily routine to the person responsible for maintenance of that particular vehicle.

  • Assume a safety conscious attitude for their own safety and the safety of others.

  • Observe common courtesy toward all other drivers and pedestrians.

  • Seat belts are required to be worn at all times when in a vehicle.

Each employee who is operating a vehicle must report any mechanical difficulties to his or her supervisor as soon as practicable. Attention by the driver to items such as brakes, alignment, oil pressure, tires, on a daily basis will keep the district's vehicles in top running order.

This policy has been formulated with accident prevention in mind. Through the use of Defensive Driving techniques, accidents and violations will be reduced to the benefit and safety of our employees.


MISD Employee Motor Vehicle Operator Standards
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