Elementary Dress Code

Elementary Dress Code Guidelines

  • Clothing containing offensive slogans, symbols and other suggestive or controversial designs is not allowed.
  • Startling, unusual or immodest attire of any sort shall not be permitted. Fads in clothing or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus are not permitted.
  • Students shall wear their hair above the eyes, well-groomed, and clean at all times.
  • Extreme modes of hairstyle will not be allowed. For example, “Mohawk” hairstyles are not allowed, nor are large hairstyles that might interfere with another student’s ability to see in class.
  • Letters, numbers, symbols (such as stars, diamonds, lighting bolts, etc.), insignia (such as cross, flag, swastika, etc.), and logos are not allowed in weaves, braids, dyed patterns, shaved or plucked into the hair.
  • Any hairstyle or variation of a style that is deemed to be gang-related or any hairstyle that causes a disruption at school will not be allowed.
  • Only natural hair colors are allowed. For example, hair cannot be colored maroon, magenta, purple, pink, cherry red, orange, blue, or any other color that is not natural to hair.
  • No designs or notching are allowed in eyebrows.
  • Clothing and other articles that are considered “gang-related” are not allowed (such as bandanas).
  • Extremely baggy clothing will not be allowed. Pants, shorts, etc. are not to be worn below the waistline and should be appropriately sized.
  • Shorts may be worn but must reach at least fingertip length.
  • Tongue rings and visible body piercings, other than earrings on girls, are not allowed.
  • Spacers in place of pierced earrings are not allowed.
  • No gauges may be worn in pierced ears.
  • Inappropriate tattoos and body art are not allowed.
  • Tight-fitting shorts or “short shorts” will not be allowed.
  • Cutoffs, boxer shorts, pajama bottoms, bike shorts, short leggings as outer garments, etc. will not be allowed.
  • Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, or sweatbands are not to be worn by students except under circumstances designated by the principal.*
  • Torn, ripped, or cut clothing will not be allowed.
  • Grills or temporary decorations on teeth are not to be worn.
  • Elementary students may wear shirts with hoods as long as hoods are not worn inside the classroom.
  • Students are not allowed to wear shoes with wheels in school.

Elementary Boys: Additional Guidelines

  • Shirts are to have sleeves.*
  • Appropriate shoes are to be worn.
  • Mustaches, beards and other facial hair are prohibited.
  • Earrings are prohibited.

Elementary Girls: Additional Guidelines

  • Apparel that is too tight or too short to prevent modesty will not be allowed.
  • Low-cut apparel is not allowed.
  • Girls are to wear sufficient undergarments.
  • Appropriate shoes are to be worn.
  • The following are unacceptable: clothing designed with shoulder straps less than three inches wide, bare midriffs, halters or bare backs.
  • Excessive makeup is not allowed.

* Elementary boys in grades K-3 may wear sleeveless shirts.