8th Grade Classes

8th Grade Concepts

All shows at the Planetarium are flexible and can be custom made to suit individual teacher’s needs.  We have a lecture hall that can be utilized if multiple classes want to visit and team teach with lessons taught by teachers in the lecture hall while I am teaching in the dome. 


Mini-Lessons (facilitator created and guided real-time):

  • Seasons (Including day/night and insolation)
  • Lunar Cycle with student created diagram
  • Lunar Misconceptions
  • HR Diagram in the night sky with star size comparison
  • Star size comparison
  • View of universe from small to big (including stars, nebulae and galaxies), including flying through a nebula
  • Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum in space and how it’s done
  • Use of light years to measure distances of stars in our night sky
  • Earth’s plate tectonics: history, movements, and features they cause 
  • Satellite views of landforms and students describe what caused it 
  • Ocean’s cause of hurricanes (short)
  • Tides (position of Sun, Earth and Moon) 
  • Constellation and objects in current night sky
  • Q & A (something specific or general student questions of the day)

FullDome Presentations (pre-recorded videos) (I can now edit to show parts of movie or entire movie)         

  • Stars: Powerhouses of the Universe
  • Fly through a Nebula 
  • Black Holes
  • Field Trip to the Moon
  • Monsters of the Cosmos (3 minutes)
  • Journey to the Center of the Universe (6 minutes, good, but can be slow)
  • Astro Otter Fulldome videoclips
    • From the Big Bang to the Solar System
    • Life Cycle of the Stars
    • Galaxies
    • Light Years
    • Organization of the Universe
    • Distances in Space
    • Phases of the Moon
    • Eclipses
    • Seasons
    • Tides
    • Motion of the Universe

 *Contact Leslie Barnhill at x7752 or for concepts chosen