7th Grade Classes

All shows at the Planetarium are flexible and can be custom made to suit individual teacher’s needs.  We have a lecture hall that can be utilized if multiple classes want to visit and team teach with lessons taught by teachers in the lecture hall while I am teaching in the dome.  

7th Grade Concepts

7th grade mini lesson options: 

  • Tour of the Solar System Review (this can be either a quick tour or a longer more in depth tour – you choose)
  • What makes Earth habitable (distance to sun, atmosphere, water)
  • Look at other planets/moons that may be habitable in our Solar System
  • Discuss discovery of latest exoplanets that may be habitable
  • Manned space exploration and what it entails for man to travel in space (Apollo Missions, ISS, future travel to Mars)
  • Tour of the Universe (introduction to 8th grade)
  • Fulldome movie presentation of Oasis in Space
  • Exit Ticket of some sort
  • Constellation and objects in current night sky
  • Q & A (something specific or general student questions of the day)
  • Astro Otter fulldome videoclips (dated/two-dimensional animation, but excellently tied to the concepts)       
  • From the Big Bang to the Solar System
  • Life Cycle of the Stars
  • Galaxies
  • Light Years
  • Organization of the Universe
  • Distances in Space
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Eclipses
  • Seasons
  • Tides
  • Motion of the Universe


*Contact Leslie Barnhill at x7752 or for concepts chosen