Administrative Services

Administrative Services oversees the following students services areas:


Student Discipline

Mesquite ISD follows a cycle of student success that involves interventions by teachers, administrators, parents and other resources reasonably calculated to prevent recurrence of misconduct and misbehavior.

In Mesquite ISD, the goal of student discipline is to collaboratively work with the student, parents and school staff to dtermine the root causes of unacceptable behavior or poor attendance and to devise a plan to change the behavior to help the student become successful.

Discipline Appeals Process

Campus-level discipline decisions (detention, ISS, ISIP, OSS) may be appealed directly to the campus principal and no further unless the student was denied due process or the Student Code of Conduct was not followed.

Assistant Principal
(or Problem-Solving Team)
15 school days to appeal

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Campus Principal
10 school days to appeal

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Executive Director - Administrative Services

Areas of Oversight

Dr. Karyn Cummings

Assistant Superintendent
Administrative Services

Dr. Shelley Garrett

Executive Director - Administrative Services

Kem Edwards

Director - Guidance Counseling

  • At-Risk Counselor Facilitator
  • Behavior Specialists
  • Guidance Counseling
  • Pregnancy-Related Services

John Knight

Director - Student Services

  • Attendance & Truancy
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Elections
  • Fire & Crisis Drills
  • Graduation
  • Instructional Materials
  • Yearbooks

Michelle Ramm

Director - Transportation

Bette Mogg

Director - Food & Nutrition Services