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Mesquite High Culinary Students Introduce Kid's Item on
Cristina's Fine Mexican Restaurant Menu
Each year Texas ProStart culinary students from all over DFW perform a live demo of their Kid's Fit Menu creations in front of top restaurant brands. This year Mesquite High School Culinary students under the instruction of Sandra Sepulveda took the "Win" for their Party Pizza Poppers & Apple Pie Sauce. Their meal creation will be featured on the kids menu at Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurants all over DFW. They also received a $1000 towards their culinary program! Way to Mesquite High!
MHS Culinary Students MHS Wiinning Dish

 26 Poteet Cosmetology Students are now Licensed Cosmetology Operators

Under the instruction of Lakeisha Montgomery, Shawnda Rodgers, and Nancy Pardo 26 of 36 students have made it through the two-year program and have become licensed cosmetologists. We are so proud of their effort and commitment and look forward to seeing very successful entrepreneurs in the near future. Need to get your hair or nails done, you don't need to search too far. 
Licensed Cosmetologists

Eight MISD students Become Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technicians 

The students had to take the National Healthcare Phlebotomy Technician certification exam as well as successfully perform 30 venipunctures (the puncture of a vein to withdraw blood for) and 10 finger sticks. 

Phlebotomy, offered at West Mesquite and taught by Louise Braubach, is a one-year program which requires that they have completed 1 year of Clinical Rotation 1. The students learn to perform basic medical laboratory tests including testing blood sugar, blood counts for anemia, strep screens, flu tests and pregnancy tests among others. This certification allows them to start a medical career immediately after graduating from high school.

The students are Emily Benat (WMHS), Caitlin Burrows (WMHS), Aaysa Fleming (NMHS), Giselle Lopez-Estrada (WMHS), Eriel Williams (NMHS), Melad Fahmy (Poteet HS) and Aileen Jimenez Rascon (WMHS). Phlebotomy Certified Students

Mesquite High Student Receives CTENT Scholarship

We are very proud to announce that Isaiah George was selected as one of the Career and Technical Educators of North Texas $500.00 Scholarship winners. He attended the annual awards ceremony at Howell Family Farm in Arlington, TX, on May 3rd. He was accompanied by Suzanna Jensen, CTE Business teacher at Mesquite High School. Isaiah will be graduating as the Salutatorian of his class and will attend Texas Tech in the fall. 

Isaiah George CTENT Recipient

Mesquite HS shows off Farrah the SynDaver to the Dallas Morning News

Check out the full story here...

Fortenberry students

Mesquite's Practicum in Law Students Joined Forces with Eastfield PD for Hands on Training
On November 15th, Mesquite ISD Law Practicum students partnered with Eastfield Police Department to obtain observation hours and best police practices. For students wanting to major in criminal justice, this is yet another perfect avenue. Team Alpha and Team Bravo are being led by Captain Ellington and his team to practice weapon safety, self-defense, shot no shoot rules, and traffic laws.  

Mesquite ISD Law Practicum students

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