Curriculum & Instruction

 Dr. Treva Franklin, Assistant Superintendent – Instructional Services 972-882-7377
 Laura Barber, Senior Assistant to Dr. Treva Franklin 972-882-7442
 Tara Nichols, Director - Curriculum & Instruction 972-882-7353
 Carolina Prieto-Portillo, Director - Bilingual/ESL 972-882-8726
 Steve Andre, Director - Fine Arts 972-882-7300
 Kristi Krajca, Director - Career & Technical Education 972-882-7374
 Dr. Lesley Edwards, Coordinator - Mathematics 972-882-7435
 Wendi Hatley, Coordinator - P.E. and Health Education 972-882-7413
 Andrea Bailey, Coordinator - Elementary Language Arts/Reading 972-882-7350
 Patrick Haney, Coordinator - Science 972-882-7388
 Kyle Fritsche, Coordinator - Secondary Language Arts/Journalism/Foreign Language/Reading 972-882-7352
 Daniel Norwood, Coordinator - Social Studies  972-882-7346
 Russ Weeks, Coordinator - Advanced Academics 972-882-7369 
 Jennifer Hulme, Coordinator - Federal Title Programs 972-882-7351
 Leigh Farley, Coordinator - Career & Technical Education 972-882-7348
 Jennifer Martin, Coordinator - Career & Technical Education 972-882-7458
 Andrea Oliver-Dixon, Coordinator - Digital Content 972-882-7414

Curriculum in MISD

The standards in Texas and in Mesquite ISD are the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills – the TEKS. The TEKS provide a framework for the written, tested, and taught curriculum. Every student must have the opportunity to learn the TEKS for his/her grade level in any school or classroom in the district. The TEKS are considered a “non-negotiable” in Mesquite ISD

Texas public schools have a TEKS-based assessment program called STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness). The TEKS are the framework for STAAR assessment objectives. A thorough understanding of the TEKS is essential for student success in the classroom, on the state assessment, and as reflected in the state accountability system. STAAR is part of the accountability system that measures the strength of our daily instructional program through the performance of our students.

The curriculum in MISD provides the course sequence and a timeline framework for each subject. Teachers follow the scope and sequence so that students are prepared for district level assessments called Checkpoints. These assessments give teachers opportunity to know what concepts students have mastered and what concepts need more instruction or re-teaching. Instructional maps that outline what is taught each reporting period are available to teachers, parents, and administrators on the district website.