ABCs of Professional Learning

Action Research Needs Assessment
Book Studies, being observed Observations, Orientation,
  On-line learning
Curriculum Alignment, Co-teaching,
  Case Studies, Cadres, Chairing
Peer coaching, Portfolios,
  Presenting Staff Development
Developing new lessons,
  disaggregation of data
Q & A over email or in
  small group
Early Dismissal Reflections, researching,
  professional reading
Facilitating staff development Staff Meetings, Self-Studies
Grade level planning Teaming, Team Teaching
Having conversations with
  colleagues about work
Utilization of data and
Institutes, implements new
  ideas and evaluates
Vertical alignment, videos,
  visiting other schools
Journaling, journal reading Walk-throughs, writing grants,
  writing for publication
Keeping data Xamining student work
  or data
Learning communities,
  lunch and learn
Yearly goal setting and
Mentoring, modeling lessons Zero in on instructional         

The PURPOSES of staff developments are 1) create an awareness, 2) skill development, 3) implementation, and 4) leadership development.