Workplace Safety

Safety TrainingSafety is of primary importance in our operation. Each of us has the responsibility to make the safety of the students, our co-workers, and ourselves a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to our wellbeing, as well as to the efficient operation of our school district.

Safety rules alone cannot prevent accidents. The indispensable ingredient of a safe working environment is individuals that are dedicated to the principle that accident prevention is an essential part of the planning and efficient execution of every job.

The Mesquite Independent School District recognizes its responsibility to provide healthful and safe working conditions, safe working rules based upon experience and safety knowledge, and competent work direction.


MISD Safety Handbook

National Safety Council (NSC)

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

The Mesquite ISD's Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program is administered by the Risk Management Department with the Safety Officer being the point of contact. Each MISD campus and major support department/facility maintains a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Notebook.

The highlights of the program include annual training on chemical safety and general knowledge about MSDS, as well as the completion of an annual chemical inventory at each location. The district's master chemical inventory is maintained by the Risk Management Department.

The Risk Management Department is also responsible for completing the annual Tier II Report with the state of Texas for the district's underground fuel storage tanks, which are located at the Transportation Department facility.