Feeder Patterns (2017-18)

Mesquite ISD follows a neighborhood school model, meaning attendance zones are assigned based on a student's address. Every effort is made to ensure that students attend schools closest in proximity to their home whenever possible. Below is a chart showing which secondary schools our elementary schools feed.

IMPORTANT: Mesquite ISD's Board of Trustees has approved a new districtwide feeder plan for 2018-19 that will involve several changes to the table shown below.

Elementary School Middle School High School
Achziger Berry (west of Lawson Road) Horn
Terry (east of Lawson Road
Austin Kimbrough Poteet
Beasley Kimbrough Poteet
Black Agnew Mesquite
Cannaday Kimbrough Poteet
Florence Vanston North Mesquite
Floyd A.C. New West Mesquite
Galloway McDonald West Mesquite
Gentry Agnew (south of creek and west of Wilkinson Drive) Mesquite
Berry (north of creek and east of Wilkinson Drive) Horn
Gray A.C. New
West Mesquite (west of Pioneer Road)
Mesquite (east of Pioneer Road)
Hanby Wilkinson Mesquite
Henrie A.C. New Mesquite High School
Hodges A.C. New West Mesquite
Kimball Kimbrough Poteet
Lawrence Vanston North Mesquite
Mackey A.C. New Mesquite (north of Lasater Road)
West Mesquite (north of I-20, west of Belt Line Road)
Agnew Mesquite (south of Lasater Road and south of I-20)
McKenzie McDonald North Mesquite
McWhorter Wilkinson West Mesquite
Moss Agnew Mesquite
Motley Vanston North Mesquite
Pirrung Terry Horn
Porter Kimbrough Poteet
Price Vanston North Mesquite
Range McDonald North Mesquite
Rugel McDonald North Mesquite
Rutherford Berry Horn
Seabourn McDonald West Mesquite
Shands Vanston North Mesquite
Shaw Agnew (south of Grubb Drive) Mesquite
Kimbrough (north of Grubb Drive) Poteet
Smith Terry (Park Chase subdivision) Horn
Berry (other areas)
Thompson Terry Horn
Tisinger Wilkinson Mesquite
Tosch McDonald North Mesquite